Oracle ADF

Oracle Application Development Framework:

The Oracle JDeveloper free Integrated Development Environment provides a graphical interface for creating data-management applications using ADF.

Oracle also offers Eclipse based tooling for ADF in Oracle Enterprise Pack For Eclipse.

Implementers can deploy Oracle ADF applications on Java EE-compliant containers.
Mobile application development

Oracle ADF Mobile – a hybrid framework for mobile development. Enables development of a single source and generation of native applications for both iOS and Android devices. Coding of logic is done with the Java language. UI layer can be developed with a set of components (AMX) that generate an HTML5 based user interface. In addition Oracle ADF Mobile can incorporate local HTML5 pages and remote HTML content generated from other servers.

Oracle ADF Mobile includes a controller layer based on the ADF Taskflow concepts, as well as support for the ADF binding solution for easy binding of UI to services. Oracle ADF Mobile support interaction with device features such as GPS, contacts, SMS and more.