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Main products

Informatica’s product is a portfolio focused on Data Integration: ETL, Information Lifecycle Management, B2B Data Exchange, Cloud Data Integration, Complex Event Processing, Data Masking, Data Quality, Data Replication, Data Virtualization, Master Data Management, Ultra Messaging; currently at version 9.6 These components form a toolset for establishing and maintaining enterprise-wide data warehouses. It has a customer base of over 5,000 companies.

Working Architecture

Informatica PowerCenter, the flagship tool of Informatica works on basis of transformations which transform data in multiple ways.

Type of transformations:

• Active : One that can change the number of rows being output.

• Passive : One that cannot change the number of rows being output.

Transformations examples:

• Source qualifier – conversion of source datatypes to Informatica datatypes

• Expression – transforming data with functions

• Lookups – joining data with lookups

• Sorter & Aggregator – sorting and aggregating data

• Update Strategy expressions

• Transaction control – how to create transactions and control commits and rollbacks