Pharmaceutical & Biotech

The Pharmaceutical & Biotech Industry continues to evolve and change on a seemingly daily basis. A recent spate of mergers and acquisitions has allowed companies to diversify their assets and shift their focus to new endeavors, helping blur the lines between the traditional pharmaceutical and biotech sectors. In addition, the increased use of real estate investment trusts (REITs) and contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) are changing the way larger companies operate.

Pharmaceutical Preparations

Prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) drugs for human or animal use. Traditional drug therapies such as antibiotics, analgesics (any medicine intended to stop pain) and cold remedies.
Diagnostic Substances

Materials used in the diagnosis, prognosis, prediction and prevention of disease. In vitro (experiments performed in an artificial environment like a test tube or culture media) and in vivo (tests performed in a living body or organism, as well as a process or reaction in the same) diagnostics and reagents.
Medicinals & Botanicals

Most plant-derived drug preparations, as well as those that can be synthetically duplicated. vitamins, plus the growing sector of “alternative” and herbal supplements.
Biological Products, Ex. Diagnostic

An umbrella term for therapies that are formulated from organisms or their cellular components. The relatively new genetically based therapies, vaccines and hematology.
Medical Devices

FDA-regulated devices and equipment, including catheters, stents and prosthetics.
Cosmetics, Perfumes & Toiletries Manufacturing

Covers a broad range of items including cosmetic creams, hair dyes, lotions, toothpastes and mouthwashes, shaving creams, bath salts, and much more

Includes research & development, biosafety, and analytical testing labs for private, university, and government use. Laboratories can span virtually all SIC codes within the industry.