About Us

CannySys provides total solutions for a given requirement, which may include board design, FPGA design, firmware and middleware, embedded application development, system integration, production support and product lifecycle support.

CannySys engages with its customers in every step of the product engineering and system integration process, providing world–class and cost-effective solutions. CannySys’s helps convert complex product ideas into physical designs keeping in mind DFM/DFT techniques that make the system scalable and successful.

Since its inception in 1997, CannySys has built and expanded its expertise in the embedded space. CannySys’s products and services have been at the forefront of introducing the latest technologies across verticals like: Defense and Aerospace, Consumer Electronics, Semiconductor, Medical Electronics, Wireless, Automotive Electronics, Industrial Applications, Telecom and Networking and Homeland Security. CannySys has over the years combined operational, technology and engineering excellence that have resulted in long standing customer relationships. CannySys’s expert team of design engineers and system engineering experts, help provide customers with a comprehensive package of end-to-end services ranging from front-end consulting and planning to developing, integrating and managing turnkey technology solutions.

CannySys’s successful partnerships with global technology leaders, enables CannySys to provide its clients with latest, optimal solutions as required for their application. CannySys’s partners include Analog Devices, Texas Instruments, Microsoft, Freescale Semiconductors, Wind River Systems, Curtiss Wright Defense Solutions, Amper and Esterel Technologies among others.